How To Replace Car Door Locks

There are various types of locksmith services available such that it is very important to carefully choose the locksmith provider that guarantees they are qualified to do the job you need. Auto locksmiths are one of many types of services around and they are the best ones to turn to if you need something done on your car door locks.

One of the main problems when dealing with car door locks is the drivers side as it is the one commonly used up. As the car door locks get used up often, and then it could easily wear down. This is one reason why it needs to be replaced after some time of use to ensure that it functions normally.

Whether you hire a professional locksmith to replace car door locks or you do it on your own, it is important to understand the proper steps of doing it. Below is a step by step guide to having your car door locks replaced:

1. You need to start by removing the covers for the speakers and the arm rest. This will help to clear out the space and give you enough room to work with. Then, you must take out the door panel but make sure to do it carefully if you do not want to break the plastic clips while doing it.

2. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the door handle. The plastic clip will require the use of pliers to be released and then you need to twist it so that the interior door handle can swing open.

3. Find the rod inside the door so you can remove it from the lock core. This is an important step in removing car door locks and will enable you to remove the bolts that keep the door handle assembly together. You need to correctly mark the position of the rod before attempting to open the clip. This will allow you to easily remove the door handle assembly to get started on the car door locks replacement.

4. At this point, you are now ready to install the new car door locks. You must take out the clip from the snap ring to allow the lock core to be removed. Place a new lock core before putting a new snap ring that will place the new lock core in position. You must re-place the door handle assembly and place the rod back.

5. You need to slide back the interior door handle into position and secure it in place with the use of a plastic clip. The screwdriver will help to tighten up the new car door locks. Finish it off by putting back the arm rest, speaker covers, and the door panel.

If you plan on doing the replacement for car door locks on your own, make sure to follow the procedure above to ensure that you can get it done correctly. If not, then you don’t need to worry since there are auto locksmiths that can do the job for you.

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