VectorLocks Commercial Locksmith Services

VectorLocks is pleased to offer accounts with Management Companies with their managed/owned properties and Home-Owner Associations from 6 units and up. We perform all jobs related to locks, doors, CCTV (Closed Circuit T.V.), Intercom, Mailboxes and much, much more. These security services are offered at low-priced rates and easy payment terms. Please see a detailed list of the commercial services we offer below.

Commercial Locksmith Services


    • Replace all types of locks and cylinders including High-Security pick-proof and drill-proof locks for building Entrance door, in common areas and individual units.
    • Keyless Main Entrance locks – Operate your door with a combination keypad, (no keys required). And also card-swipe access locks available.
    • Magnetic Locks.
    • In many instances, repair most types of locks, (If repairable).
    • Re-key any cylinder so that it works with residents’ existing key. This avoids having to make additional copies of new keys for your tenants. (Depending on if the new cylinder has the same keyway as the existing cylinder).
    • Replace Mailbox locks.
    • Evictions/Lockout services.
    • Fire-Department Approved Fire-Escape gates – Supply and Install.
    • We also offer sales of all types of locks and cylinders at great low prices. This option could be of great savings if the Superintendent of the building has the know-how of replacing locks.
    • Replace doors. Building entrance doors, Common area doors and individual unit (apartment entry) doors.
    • Chime & Peephole Installation/Replacement.
    • Repair doors, (If repairable).
    • Roton continuous hinges – Supply & Install. This option, in most cases will save and bring a non-operating door to operable condition again for many years to come.
    • Door closers – Supply & Install.
    • Automatic door openers – Supply & Install.
    • Panic exit devices – Supply & Install.
    • Detex alarm system for emergency exits – Supply & Install.
    • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system for your property or business with long-term recording capabilities.
    • Supply & Install Intercom systems.
    • Repair Intercom systems.
    • Supply & Install new USPS –Approved mailboxes and directories.
    • Master Key Systems


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